we love light !

That pretty much sums up everything we do... 
We love photons and things that emit them.  We love surfaces that light reflects off.  We love your eyes
We also love figuring out how to bring all those things together in our lighting designs.

lighting design is the perfect mix of science, engineering, and art. there's really nothing else like it.

newillusions is an independent lighting design studio, dedicated to working with light in all its forms.  
From traditional light sources, to LED displays and projection, or integrating and emulating natural light.

We believe in creating New Illusions
If you need some art and technology in lighting your project, you're in the right place.

core focus


independent design services for anything that produces light.


ensuring the results are always stiking and memorable


specialists in control systems and integrating  technologies

focus areas

Here are some of the areas we frequently work in, and we're always looking for new opportunities to add our touch to.

true lighting specialists

not a hobby, pastime or fad -
we're all truly passionate about light.

this is what we do.

that is what has led us to branch out into wider spheres of ways to use light, and our horizons keep growing.

we work across an exciting range of applications and innovations - including screens and video projection.

click below to read about our current investigations.

it's music for your eyes

- martin robert -

our principles


unbiased professional advice based on your project needs and budget


our work is based on current global best practices and standards


involved in the wider lighting comunity - development, education and outreach