we are newillusions.

a truly independent lighting design studio with a focus on making the world more beautiful and visually interesting.

we have no affiliation with manufacturers, their representatives or distributors, so our designs and advice are always driven by our client's project needs.


From the earliest concepts through to the final detailed designs and tender documentation, we provide turnkey lighting designs for our projects. We create individually tailored solutions intended to fit the project budgets, aspirations, and timelines.


Some projects don't require a full design process. Sometimes our clients need a peer review of their existing lighting designs or evaluation of their installed systems. Sometimes, other designers just need a specialist to advise on certain aspects of their projects.


Lighting controls form an integral part of modern designs. The benefits are numerous - power reductions, credits towards LEED, ESTIDAMA, and WELL building certifications, IoT and BMS integrations as well as generally increasing the longevity and aesthetic appeal.


The best lighting designs and plans are all for nought if they're not correctly implemented on site.
We provide a full suite of services for ensuring the finishing touches are delivered to the project including system validations, focussing, programming, and integration with other systems.

our tools

We believe in using the latest technologies to help realise your vision and facilitate integration with other contractors.

We were masters of teams, zoom, slack and remote working before the virus hit!


Working in 3D as much as possible is critical for getting the most accurate designs and understanding them most effectively. We have specialists in Photoshop, 3DS Max, Unreal Engine, SketchUp, Wysiwyg, disguise, Notch and more. We also work with various VR and AR technologies as well.


Using industry standard software like DaiLux, Relux and AGi32 we are able to verify that the selected fixtures will perform as expected. Of course, nothing compares to real life mockups on site so we typically try to do as many of these as possible to ensure everyone involved is satisfied with the end results.


We stay current with the latest versions of commonly used construction software including AutoCad, Revit and Vectorworks.
In addition we use live online communication and documentation processes  wherever possible to ensure everyone concerned is kept up to date.

where we came from

newillusions is a young company with a long history.

Having been involved in some of the worlds' largest, most significant and highly complex events and installations for over twenty years the company was formed to help bring a new approach to architectural lighting installations.
After all these years of making magic and figuring out how to achieve never before seen effects, it's time to transfer some of the magic of large scale systems into smaller and more commonly encountered spaces.

In other words, it's time for some newillusions.

The company operates from a different position than most. We are a collective. Different people from around the world work on projects together as their skills are required and everything is on the table for the hive mind to contribute to.
We're an association of some of the most talented and creative individuals working across a wide spectrum of industries and technologies.

This brings several benefits to our work.

First of all, everyone involved is constantly exposed to the most current and up to date information through both research and practice. For all of us, this is a career, not a job, so the passion for development and learning is never ending.
Secondly, we're able to provide the most appropriate people to any project we engage. We've always got access to the right people for the job.