specialist lighting

In our quest to understand everything possible about light and lighting,
we have picked up a few extra skills and fields of expertise along the way.

We're happy to be able to offer an extended range of services based on
our wide scope of interest in lighting systems.
We are continually expanding our fields of study, so this list is bound to grow over time. Be sure to check back every now and then to
see where our latest interests are!

We are also more than happy to provide these services as
specialist sub-consultants to other design firms at any time.

smart lighting and IoT

Lighting can be much more than simple illumination now. By connecting lighting controls  to other systems and data points, we're able to extend their capabilities significantly. Lighting systems are able to communicate and provide additional information while still lighting the spaces we inhabit.


Lighting shouldn't be stale and static.
The world around us isn't... so why should our built environments be?
Although science is still out on this, all the participants in various studies report generally feeling better about their environments.

media facades

With more buildings and towers looking to incorporate something a little more advanced than basic lighting, media facades are a spectacular way to draw some extra attention to your project... Provided it's done well.
These systems help buildings become landmarks and talking points, so it's critical that they are designed with an eye on maintenance and operation.

stage lighting

We have many years' experience in working with stage and performance lighting. From small schools or a corporate auditorium through to large, multi-thousand seat venues of the highest level.
Our experience working on major shows around the world gives us a unique perspective in designing theatrical lighting systems