our ethos

we approach lighting slightly differently to most others.

light is our medium with which to create art.
we work with anything that produces light. TVs, windows, or more traditional light sources.
even if we're lighting a car park or back of house corridor, we strive to get it as perfect as possible.

we then mix that with technologies as needed - from simple PiR sensors through to IoT connected systems, or generative algorithms that create real time video content.



Light is fundamental to how we experience the world around us.
It plays a part in everything we see, from the spaces we design to artworks and people.

We trust our vision so heavily, we rarely question what we see.

Lighting design is about ensuring we have the right light in the right place at the right time.

newillusions was established to bring an innovative twist to the spaces we inhabit.

Stemming from a background in theatrical lighting, we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to enhance our built environments.

focus on the light


We believe in bringing art into our everyday lives. Whether that’s spectacular media façades and concerts or perfectly balanced lights in a café or bar, there are always opportunities to make things look even more beautiful.

This is where our foundations in theatrical lighting really come to the fore. A strong sense of story telling and place making permeates our work in every day spaces to help set them apart.

We take time to consider how different light sources and colour temperatures will interact with the surfaces and finishes in a room, how the transitions from one space to another impact the people within it, and how fade times help to reveal our surroundings in different ways when the lighting states change.

lighting: more musical instrument than mechanical service.


The technology involved in lighting is evolving every day. Beyond LEDs and light sources, it’s the control systems and interconnectivity that are driving innovation today.

We specialise in dealing with the most complex requirements, while making them easy to use.

Beyond simple illumination, we also specialise in LED screens and projection systems, with a focus on generative and interactive platforms that provide constant variation.

We’ll often send our team out to meet with people who have developed new products and technologies. We love exploring how these can be incorporated into our concepts.

yes, we're geeks